• mounting debt

    The High Debt Cost of Fast Credit

    Fast Credit seems so easy at the time, doesn’t it? Just pick up the phone or with a few clicks of the mouse and the moneys in your bank in 15 minutes, but what about the debt price that you end up paying for that convenience?
    National Debt advice service Stepchange are reporting rising levels …

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  • Loan interest rates reduced !!

    Now our members can pay even less interest with a loan from Slemish n tha Braid!
    Thats right, we’ve reduced our already great rate on larger loans of £3000 and over.
    Whether its home improvements, a new car, or a once in a lifetime holiday your after check out our great rates on loans.

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  • Credit Union Ballymena Raglan Branch

    Slemish n tha Braid Credit Union- All about us

    What is a Credit Union?
    A credit union is essentially a financial services provider for a specific group of people who all share something in common, such as postcode or employer.
    The ‘common bond’ for Slemish n tha Braid Credit Union Ltd includes everyone who lives or works in the Ballymena and surrounding areas of …

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  • Living the dream in the BUFC Community

    Our Treasurer, Billy Millar, passionate about both his local football club and his local community, is the author of our latest blog
    Living the dream
    “they now understand that they are not just representing a football club, they are representing a town and a community – all sides of that community”
    At the end …

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  • Grant Award for SNTB

    Slemish N Tha Braid Credit Union has today been awarded a £19,000 grant by Lloyds Banking Group to enable it to develop employer partnerships and a money mentor service, among other things.
    Slemish N Tha Braid Credit Union offers safe savings accounts and …

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